About Us
a little info about Cyber City Comix.

From ancient cavemen scribing on the walls of their domiciles, to the artisans of the Middle ages, to the crazy antics of Archie and Jughead, one truth becomes self-evident: people like their stories accompanied with a nice picture or two. Cyber City Comix sells lots of different types of books that have all sorts of pictures in them (we modern folk call them comics) so you can bond with your caveman ancestors in several different formats at several different price points. And we’ve been doing it since 1995.

Our Membership
only $20 for a LIFETIME membership!

$20 buys you a LIFETIME membership to our awesome establishment. That gives you 15% off new comics, back issues, art books, magazines, manga, hardcovers, and trade paperbacks. $20. You pay once, you get the discount forever. Believe it. It seems too good to be true, I know. But it’s for real. Don’t pass it up.