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Top New Toy/Statue/Novelty Releases for the Week of August 10th, 2016.

Arrow TV Arrow Season 3/ Black Canary AF, Batman Animated Series Etrigan with Klarion AF, Cartoon Network Titan Mini Fig, DC Comics Covergirls Raven Statue, DC Designer Darwyn Cooke Harley Quinn AF, DC Gallery Batman The Animated Series Batman PVC Statue, DC Heroes Superman Action Mode 3D Puzzle, FF Series Plush FFXIII Lightning Plush, Marvel Gallery Spider-Gwen PCV Fig, Marvel Heroclix Superior Foes Booster/ Bricks, Marvel Select Captain America 3 Captain America/ Winter Soldier AF, ODY-C Adult Colouring Book, SDCC16 Daredevil Minimates, SDCC16 PoP Heroes Swamp Thing Scented Fig, PoP Premium Figurine Display, Star Trek Starships #70 Voth City Ship + YuGiOh Dark Illusion Booster Packs.