Top New Toys/ Novelties Releases for the Week of Feb 24th, 2018.


God of War AF Kratos, Marvel HeroClix X-Men Booster, Mystery Minis Lord of the Rings, NOES AF Ultimate Part 2 Freddy, Rick & Morty Portal Gun, Spider-Man Homecoming ¼ Scale AF, YuGiOh Extreme Force Boosters + YuGiOh Legendary Duelist Boosters.


Top New PoP Toys Releases for the Week of Feb 24th, 2018.


Dragonball Super Black Goku/ Trunks/ Whis, God of War Kratos, James Bond Blofeld/ Jaws/ Jill Masterson/ Oddjob/ Roger Moore, Kurt Cobain Teen Spirit, Looney Tunes Bugs/ Elmer Fudd/ Sylvester & Tweety/ Taz Tornado, Mad Max Capable/ Coma-Doof/ Furiosa/ Immortan Joe/ Mad Max/ Nux/ Valkyrie + Sonic Dr Eggman.